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Johnny Cash – Super Hits
February 6th, 2012 Album Reviews

Released: 1994
Tracks: Ring of Fire; Sunday Morning Coming Down [Live]; I Walk the Line; Folsom Prison Blues; Understand Your Man; Big River; I Still Miss Someone; Jackson; A Boy Named Sue [Live]; One Piece at a Time
Best track: Folsom Prison Blues
Track to skip: none

This is one of those budget compilations put out by Sony back in 90’s that serves as a very brief introduction to the performer.  As this album is only 30 minutes long there’s not much on the disc, and there are certainly MANY great Johnny Cash songs that aren’t here.  For what it is, though, it’s a fine introduction and a basic overview of Cash’s most well-known songs.  All of these songs are great and it’s an enjoyable, though short, listen.  I really love that the original studio version of Folsom Prison Blues is included here instead of the live version that tends to be on most compilations.  The version of A Boy Named Sue is the censored version, so that’s something to be aware of.  You can usually find this (or any of the “Super Hits” compilations) for dirt cheap and it’s a fine way to get some of these songs.  I would recommend getting one of the many compilations that have more songs, though.  Cash is a great songwriter and performer and I always enjoy listening to this, even though it’s so short.

Rating: 86

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787 Comment from Don February 7, 2012, 9:11 pm

These cheesy truck stop compilations are great for just that kind of thing. I remember years ago I bought an AC/DC one like this from a truck stop for 5 bucks and it had 12 songs and a live track which was pretty badass.

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