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January 30th, 2007 under blog. [ Comments: none ]

I answered one for my sis Jenn, so I figured I’d do one of my own…

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January 26th, 2007 under blog. [ Comments: none ]

So, it’s been bugging me for the past week and a half and every time I think about it, I change what I want to do. Just now I changed my mind. Sod it, there’s no point. 2 weekends ago I went on a quick vacation to Dallas (what would usually be called “home”) to visit with family and friends. The day after I got back to NC, I started my write-up for the trip. I made it about half way through, but then work intervened. Over the next few days time to type kept happening, but I wasn’t feeling it. Granted not a TON of time, but there was time. It’s been in my head that I “need” to finish that entry, but just now in looking at that word doc containing the trip thoughts…I thought, no, it’s stupid. I don’t need to finish it because it doesn’t matter. I’m sure some (1) people will care about how my weekend went, but on the whole it doesn’t matter.

How was my weekend back in Dallas? I had a great time. It was wonderful seeing family and friends, even if for only a few days. Julie and I had a lot of fun.

Anything more than that is really useless. So there ya go. I have this thing that wasn’t completed and I’m letting it go. Because it doesn’t matter. I am going to finish it for my personal journal, just for the sake of documentation. I like documentation. That’s my theory, if something exists…it should be documented. Broad-stroke documentation is fine.

Anyway, some cool stuff happened last weekend. I bought things! Yay Christmas & Birthday money! My guitar was ready back on the 12th, but since we were heading out to DFW it had to wait. Then after I got back the place had inventory for the whole week. So, I had to wait until last weekend to head over to High Strung to pick it up. I am EXTREMELY happy with the way my instrument sounds. It actually has never sounded this good. Notes above the 12th fret are in tune! Octaves are true octaves. I’m happy. I figured out how much I had left to spend and so I figured what I could get. I wanted to buy musical stuff so I wasn’t going to spend it on any other stuff. After paying for the guitar, a strap, a capo, some pics and the down payment on the new bass (!), I headed over to Guitar World and bought a cool mixer & a mic cable. I definitely needed the mixer since I haven’t really been *happy* with my current recording sound. I mean, it “worked”, but there was hiss. I don’t like hiss unless it’s coming from an amp or something. Or a snake. Happy James got a USB mixer (yay digital!) and even though I’m still figuring it out, the small test recordings I made sound loads better than just going into the computer’s input jack.

About that bass. Yes, I did buy the acoustic bass from High Strung I talked about a few entries ago. Put some money down and the rest is on layaway…awwww yeahhhh. I should get the bass in a few months and they’ll have it all set up with new strings AND a case for me. I can’t wait. In talking to my Dad about it he said, “don’t wait to get it. If you want it, get it”. I thought, “right on. I can afford it; he’s right.” I’ll let you know in a few months how it goes.

Having my guitar back effected the band immediately in that I wrote a new progression on the first day. It’s only one chord progression, but I like it and Jenn liked it so I’ll get that on MP3 soon so she can see what she can come up with. I’m not fooling myself in thinking I’ll do it after work, because Julie and I are heading to Pittsboro to see Jenn’s other band, Shades of Winter, play tonight. Should be fun. I also need to record the “Blue Knights of Doom” track I wrote a couple of months ago that’s still residing in my brain. There’s another incompletion.

We had a good practice on Monday (I like having practice on Mondays). We agreed that we’d record 2 more songs for the website/myspace and now it’s on me to get my parts on “tape” before Jenn sings over it. We picked a cover (her choice, I add) and I have a choice between two of her originals. The Storm vs. Hanging Up the Dream. I love both tracks, so it’ll take some ponderin’ to figure out which one I want.

That’s all for now; I’m in the mood for some hot chocolate and I noticed earlier that we have some so I’m off to the kitchen. Hooray! Oh, and we got snow last week! It only lasted a few hours, and by the afternoon it was mostly melted, but WE GOT SNOW! Walking around when it’s snowing makes me happier than 99% of things on Earth. Hot chocolate!


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