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November 28th, 2005 under blog. [ Comments: none ]

Like it says, my music is the new EP from David Garza, Sound of Music. I quite like this. It’s a full band effort, something that he hasn’t done too much of the past…oh, 5 years or so. At least not on studio recordings. I think what he’s doing is absolutely fabulous. So far this year, he’s released 4 different EP’s of material that are only available as FREE downloads from his website (www.davidgarza.com). That’s 20 songs, free. With artwork. He also put 4 songs (new demos, but still sounding good) at his myspace.com account. And then, the only thing he actually charged us for, his final edition of the Summer Songs series, Summer Songs 6. Do any other bands release free stuff on their website that often? I don’t know of any. Free stuff; new stuff. And he still does everything on his own terms. He may not make a million dollars a year, but he always has my respect (and my dollars).

My other listening for the evening, quite a bit different I admit, was Beatallica. If you don’t know, they’re a cross between the Beatles & Metallica. OR, what Metallica would sound like if they played Beatles songs but changed the lyrics a bit. I laugh my butt off at their stuff. Beatallica.com. It took me this long to download their 2 albums (also for free), but I had a great time listening to them in between my DG listens.

Foul Jasmine is an amazing song. But you Veed-heads already knew that.

Today was spent walking a few miles on the Katy Trail and then eating rockin’ foreign cheese while doing a Lord of the Rings marathon. Julie and I only made it through Fellowship & Two Towers, mostly because the things are close to 4 hours each and when 10:00 rolled around, we figured, yeah, it’s time to stop for the night. We both agreed that we could cut out most of the “Frodo/Sam/Gollum” scenes and the movie wouldn’t lose too much. I mean, those aren’t the “cool” parts of the movie. I want to see Aragorn, Legolas, Gimley (son of Gloin!), Eowin & Gandalf kicking Urukai tail more than I want to see Gollum doing his split personality thing and Dodo falling under the spell of the ring. But, I’m sure Return of the King will follow soon, mostly since it’s my definite fave of the 3. But honestly, doing all 3 in one run is difficult. That’s nearly 12 hours. Just under what it’d take to watch all 6 Star Wars in a row…which I want to do one day. And for the record (like it needs re-stating), the LOTR trilogy kick the tar out of the ‘prequel’ Star Wars movies. Not even close.

Julie and I spent the Thanksgiving holiday down in Austin, visiting the relatives. I love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. It’s what Christmas is supposed to be, but (IMO) can never be again. Christmas is the most commercial and disgusting holiday ever. Because of working in retail for too many Christmases I’ve grown to hate it. Of course I don’t hate what it’s *supposed* to be about, but we all know that doesn’t exist anymore. I heard Christmas music on 11/11 while I was in Target in North Carolina and I think my B&N store had Christmas books set up close to the beginning of OCTOBER. We were receiving them in AUGUST. Simply disgusting. But that’s why I love Thanksgiving so much. Like I told my Grandmother, Thanksgiving is only about family with none of the stupid stuff attached. I am so thankful that I get to still enjoy spending time with her. She’s 92 years old. 92. I turn 30 next Sunday and I can’t fathom spending 92 years on this earth. And, except for her eyesight and other regular stuff that happens to you when you get old, she’s in good health. She always has been, as far back as I can remember. But I love talking to her and I’m thankful I got to spend another Thanksgiving staying at her house. It was great seeing everyone again, my Aunt Sandy, Cousin Lisa & her husband Brad, and also my mom and her fiancee who even though they live 15 mintues from me, I still always love seeing them. As usual, Sandy & Lisa fixed an AMAZING meal on Thursday. Possibly the best one ever. Everything tasted perfect.

I need to get to bed, but I just have to say that my other favorite part of the trip “home” was watching the Longhorns beat the Aggies on Friday afternoon. We watched the game at Players, a local student hangout on the UT campus. Naturally, there were some very enthusiastic people in there. Esp. since the Aggies are our hated rivals. So, in us beating A&M, we’re now 11-0 with a trip to the Big 12 title game playing Colorado…who barely has any business being there in the first place. We beat them this year, and we owe them a big smackdown for what happened in the Big 12 Championship back in 2001. And then…NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. It’s still not quite real; Texas is about to play for a National Championship. Amazing. It’s been since 1970. Bring on USC, or Penn State or LSU if USC loses on Saturday to UCLA. I’d prefer USC though. I can’t wait.

Sleep calls, and the EP’s over. Nite!

November 15th, 2005 under blog. [ Comments: none ]

OK, the webpages for the trip are completed. Totally sweet.



Great weekend
November 14th, 2005 under blog. [ Comments: none ]

We had an absolutely fantastic time in Carolina this weekend. The weddings were beautiful, the clothes incredible and the happiness still flowing through me. I loved seeing all my friends again and hopefully it won’t be another 3.5 years before I see them again.

Big time CONGRATULATIONS to sister Jennifer and Eric!

On the Welsh/Eire vacation photo front: I hope to have the rest up within a few days.


Sweet Carolina…
November 10th, 2005 under blog. [ Comments: none ]

I need to get to bed, since we have to rise early to fly to the east coast. Yay, fun in Carolina! I’m really excited to get back there and see everyone.

This evening I spent some time working on the website for the vacation we just got back from. It’s still a work in progress, and I’ll finish it once we’re back from NC.

in the meantime, take a look!


Phish on the mind
November 9th, 2005 under blog. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just because there’s a new Trey Anastasio album out, but from glancing around the internet it seems there’s some sort of new push to get Phish to reunite. I’m still doing the xfers for my iPod, and I’m currently running through my Phish CDs, so they are on my mind too. I really don’t get why there is any need for a stupid internet petition (or cheesy clothing to order online) to bring Phish back. “Oh they’re the greatest band ever! and they just HAVE to come back…there’s such a HUGE void without them!” Please. Give me a break. I love Phish and they changed me as a musician, but I’m not going to bitch and whine about how *I* need them back. My gosh. I mean, they’ve been broken up for just over a year. A YEAR! Come on people, get over it. And get over yourselves. Your happiness is not that important in this matter. There are a million other bands worth supporting. A million other bands doing great things. My suggestion? Go support Mike Keneally. He’s got the best band out there right now (actually, he’s had the best band since 2001, at least).

But I just don’t get the whole “bring Phish back” thing. There is a reason (lots of them) why they broke up. They felt it was the right time and so they ended the band. Big deal. I got over it. You should too.

What if they did come back, let’s say they announce it next week to do an NYE run. First off, they would be sloppy (like they weren’t extremely sloppy the last few years anyway!) and they’d be retreading all the same ‘hits’ they played for 20 years…the very same songs that you have seen 100 times. Do you think they’d be able do give their best performance? Not a chance. Nostalgia, pure and simple. Or to make some money off stupid people.

Now, if they did come back and were really into it (musical reasons), and sounded good, then I’d totally be happy about it. In some interviews back around the breakup, they joked about the possibility of re-forming with a new name, essentially a new band. I think this would be a fantastic idea. Even if they came back as “Phish”, I would love to essentially see them start over. I guarantee about 7 Phisheads would support this, and the rest would CRY AND CRY about how they’re not playing YEM and Tweezer anymore. It would be such a ballsy move to come back and completly start over. No old songs. Maybe even completely change the way they make music. There is precedent in this. King Crimson did it in 1981. Now, it was with 2 new members, but the leader (Robert Fripp) took control and forced himself to play in a different way and write in a different way. Trey could do this. I do think it’d be difficult, esp. to stand up to nearly all their fans and refuse to budge. It could be done and it’s been done before and it worked beautifully (Crimson’s first post-breakup album, Discipline, is hands down their best album). IF it were to happen, then it’d have to be radical. Otherwise, I hope they don’t. Because I don’t want to hear them retreading the same ground.


OK! On other notes, in between ranting about Phish and loading CDs into iTunes, I’m working on the diary/pictures from the recent overseas trip. Maybe I’ll have it done today? We’ll see. Of course, I get to go away for another vacation this weekend: going back to North Carolina. I am extremely excited about going back for Jenn & Eric’s wedding and to see all my friends back there. This will be the first time I’ve been back in the state since I left. Well, I was at the Charlotte airport last year, but I really don’t count that as I didn’t really touch North Carolina ground. And I didn’t live in Charlotte anyway! Yeah, it’s gonna be a bit weird to go back. I have to admit that. Because when I left, back in July 2002, I was quite anxious to get out of the state and back to Texas. I wasn’t too happy in my life, so I couldn’t differentiate between the place itself, or just my circumstances. So, yes, I’m very excited for Friday.

I’ll be the one in the monk outfit…


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